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Electronic repair in Brussels by Elak

Electronic repair in Brussels by Elak

At Elak Electronics you’re at the right address for repairing your electronics. The repair service has more than 100 years of accumulated experience and a very wide variety of electronic components, enabling us to perform quick repairs.

Broken products that are still under warranty are being controlled and repaired or exchanged by the supplier or the importer. Products that aren’t under warranty are mostly repaired in-house.

1. Our internal repair service focuses on the reparations of

  • Audio amplifiers
  • Speakers
  • Computers
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Electronic cards of washing machines/drying cabinet/TV
  • Power supplies
  • Data recovery
  • Software installation

Firstly, we diagnose the product, find the necessary replacement parts, install these and then vigorously test the device before handing it back to you.

For all repairs we ask a €35 deposit. These repairs will be automatically executed if the total amount for the repairation is less then €125. If it exceeds this amount, we will inform you of the total cost and you can then decide wether or not you wish to complete it. When the products are economically or technically irreparable or the customer doesn’t want to continue with the reparation, the deposit is not recoverable.

Once the reparation is done or the customer decides to halt the reparation, the device is kept for another 6 months. If the product hasn’t been picked up after this period, we will dispose of the device and the client loses his recourse.

The prices that apply to the repairs are:

  • €22,50/ 15 minutes
  • Cost of spare parts
  • Possible transportation costs

2. The repairs of products that are under warranty

Repairs of products under warranty are naturally free of charge (except eventual transportation costs) and are finished within 3 weeks, under these 2 conditions:

  1. Presenting your purchase ticket at Elak Electronics
  2. The ticket is less than 2 years old

Repairs under warranty are sent back to the producer or importer. Here the product will be examined and either replaced or repaired. Once the new product is back in the shop we inform the client that he can come and pick up his repaired/replaced product. We keep the devices for a maximum of 6 months in the shop. If the device has not been picked up af this period we dispose of it, without recourse for the client.

If you have any further questions, you can reach the repair team at:

[email protected]