Fiber Trunk Cable - 2 MTP/MPO Female Connector - Multimode 50/125 OM4(OM3) Polarity A - 30m - Erika Violet

Fiber Trunk Cable - 2 MTP/MPO Female Connector - Multimode 50/125 OM4(OM3) Polarity A - 30m - Erika Violet

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MTP/MPO trunk cables are designed for use in data centers and server rooms
MTP/MPO trunk cables are fiber cables with preterminated MTP connectors, a kind of preterm cable, which are increasingly used in data centers and server rooms.

Suitable for point-to-point and fixed cabling
Data centres make a distinction between two implementations of cabling. Point-to-point cabling means that equipment is directly connected to each other. Fixed cabling, also referred to as structured cabling, involves the use of panels, installation cabling and patch cabling.

ACT MTP/MPO trunk cables are suited for bot point to point as structured cabling solutions. By using a stepped fanout, the cables can be easily connected to both patch panels and equipment such as switches, servers and storage. By using cables with a small diameter, the trunk cables can also be used in larger numbers in cable ducts and in 19" cabinets. We will explain this in more detail below.

Whether you choose point-to-point or structured solutions, with ACT MTP/MPO trunk cables you can quickly and easily set up your data center or server room.

Up to 50% more capacity thanks to ultra compact cable
ACT MTP/MPO trunk cables are suitable for high density connections in data centers and server rooms due to their thin diameter (6.8mm). Due to our design of ultra compact cables with a small diameter it is possible to put up to 50% more cables in the fiber raceway / cableduct. This ensures better scalability for future network expansions.

Compact fanouts provide more space in key locations
Near active equipment or on racks in 19" cabinets there is often a lack of space. At ACT we take this into account by making the fanouts of our trunk cables as compact as possible but still robust.
We do this by using 2mm fanout cables per 12 fibers for MTP/MPO trunk cables. These cables are more flexible due to the small diameter and take up less space, yet these fanouts offer similar strain relief as standard fiber patchcords. Also the transition from the cable to the fanout is compact, this makes the installation easier and saves space.


Cable length

30 m

Connector 1

2x MPO

Connector 2

2x MPO

Connector 1 gender


Connector 2 gender


Fibre optic type


Product colour


Full duplex


Core diameter

50 m

Cladding diameter

125 m

Fiber mode structure


Insertion loss

0.2 dB

Return loss

20 dB

Jacket material

Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH)



Operational conditions

Operating temperature (T-T)

-20 - 70 C

Storage temperature (T-T)

-40 - 80 C

Weight & dimensions

Cable diameter

6.8 mm


1.06 kg

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Quantity per pack

1 pc(s)

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