Adderview Ddx30 Matrix Switch

Adderview Ddx30 Matrix Switch

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TheAdderView DDX30is a new breed of high performance KVM Matrix that provides powerful functionality inside a small, compact form factor. Featuring Adder’s trusted lossless KVM extension technology with flexi-port switching capability, the DDX enables multiple users to access multiple computers located safely and securely inside your server room.
Flexible 30 port KVM MatrixAdderView DDX30is a flexible 30 portKVM Matrix which can be re-configuredto match your exact requirements. Inaddition to 7 fixed users ports, there are23 flexi-ports that can be configured ascomputer inputs or user outputs. Oncethe ports are configured, simply connectyour Computer Access Modules and Userstations.
Multi-head video supportDDX30 transmitters & receivers canbe grouped to form ‘Computers’ and‘Consoles’ that support dual-head &quad-head connectivity. For example,DDX30 can be used to build a 5 users x10 computer dual-head matrix.
High density KVM MatrixThe DDX range features ‘zero U’computer access modules and a highdensity 1U KVM Matrix switch, idealfor installation in heavily populatedserver racks for small and medium sizedapplications.
Lossless HD videosupportThe DDX30 delivers lossless HD videoat resolutions of up to 1920x1200@60Hz providing a real-time, ‘at the PC’experience. Frame rate matching makesthis product ideal for applications usingnon standard refresh rates.
Optimal USB technologyDDX30 emulates a fully featuredkeyboard & mouse to all computers,maintaining fast switching speeds andinstant USB interaction.
Multi-view on-screen thumbnail display forcomputer selectionThe unique multi-view OSD providesusers with a live preview of permittedcomputers direct on their screen. User
can highlight their selection using a mousecursor. Once highlighted, the user hasthe ability to choose from 4 differentconnection modes.
Access permissionsEach user station can be granted differentaccess permissions on a per computerbasis. Once computer access is permitted,administrators can select which levels ofcontrol will be available, allowing usersto choose between View only, Shared,
Exclusive or Private connection modes.Exclusive and private connection modesThe DDX30 enables users to work safelyand securely with a choice of connectionmodes. In Exclusive mode, users have fullKVM control while being able to sharevideo content with other colleagues. Byconnecting in Private mode, users canwork in privacy.
‘Zero U’ Computer Access Modules(CAMs)Powered by USB, the digital computeraccess modules sit in-line and are idealfor racks with limited space. Modules areavailable in DVI and DisplayPort options.
Secure web control interfaceSystemadministrators can securely accessthe DDX30 management tools to configuresystem settings, set access privileges andcontrol video connections. The interfaceis secured using HTTPS & administratorsmust login each time they connect. An APIenables switch control from a 3rd partycontrol system.

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